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The Ontario Centre of Excellence has awarded FlowJEM Inc. with a grant from the Market Readiness Program

Toronto, August 7, 2012 - The Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) has awarded FlowJEM Inc. with a grant that will contribute to FlowJEM’s future growth.

“FlowJEM Inc. is grateful for the funding support of the Government of Ontario through the Market Readiness Program provided by the Ontario Centre of Excellence. This grant will allow FlowJEM Inc. to expand our development work that will lead to new products and create high skilled, Ontario-based jobs,” said Dr. Jesse Greener, Chief Executive Officer of FlowJEM Inc. “The OCE Market Readiness Program helps to incubate and expand emerging high-tech companies such as FlowJEM Inc. Their support will surely assist with making Ontario a leader in the emerging technology of polymer-based microfluidics.”

The market for microfluidic devices is expected to grow at more than 20% on a compounded annual rate of growth in the next five years and exceed $4B. Life science applications in particular will be a driver of this growth and polymer-based microfluidic devices are in a strong position to capture this market1.

The OCE Market readiness Program Phase I focuses on the potential of commercializing technologies and looks at the proof of concept, business case, and growth potential of applicants.

“With the funding from OCE, FlowJEM will be able to expand its client base and expand production of our customized devices,” said Dr. Eugenia Kumacheva, FlowJEM Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer. “The market for microfluidics is rapidly growing and FlowJEM will be able to develop a strong position to compete for the emerging demand for customized polymer microfluidic devices.”

1Yole Development, Microfluidics Market Scan, June 2012

About FlowJEM Inc.

FlowJEM is a Toronto-based, microfluidics company that provides services to customers across North America and around the world. Our company was established based on the work conducted by the Kumacheva Polymer Materials Group at the University of Toronto. Originally developed for research and development projects, our focus is on the rapid prototyping of robust, customized microfluidic devices in thermoplastic materials.

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